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Names and owners




1881 Rocklands Hardy Wilson & Co.
1895 Rocklands Hardy & Co.
1896 Rocklands H.A. Peterson
1913 Franz Fischer F.W. Fischer
1914 Franz Fischer British Government


The German steamship Franz Fischer had been taken over by the British Government on the outbreak of war. She was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB-17 (Ralph Wenninger), 2 miles South of the Kentish Knock Light Vessel, on February 1st, 1916. The ship was on a voyage from Hartlepool to Cowes with a cargo of coal. Master John Davies.

Thirteen crew were lost including two from the Hartlepools:
Alfred William Rogers Charlton,
Henry Patterson.

The other crewmen who lost their lives were:
Davies, John; Hillier, Albert; Inkster, William; Jenkins, David Bevan; Kyriakos, John; Lennard, Christopher Charles; Noble, Abraham; Powell, Henry Alexander; Prior, William; Skimin, George; Vidolich, Emmanuele.


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