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Names and owners




1903 Wilster Trechmann S.S. Co. Ltd.
1918 Scarpa Isles Steam Shg. Co. Ltd.
1922 Amazon M.M. Pithis & Co.
1928 Amazon M.M. Pithis & Co. & M.G. Chrussachi
1930 Neraida M. Kulukundis.
1933 Neraida Petros M. Nomikos Ltd.
1938 Anna S J. Stephanopoulos & N.M. Andronicos.
1939 Takis P.S. Antippas
1940 Frederic SA du Pont Brule
1942 Caritas I Foundation for the Organization of Red Cross Transports.
1945 Caritas I SA du Pont Brule


The steamship Caritas I was in collision with the Dutch steamship Jan Steen, in the River Scheldt, on January 1st, 1947. The ship was under the command of Marcel Henrotin, and was on a voyage from Ghent to Lisbon with general cargo [or possibly phosphates]. To prevent her from sinking, the ship was run aground 1 mile east of Vlissingen, near the Schoone Waardin, but on the following day she broke in two. Master - Marcel Henrotin.


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