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1911 Brooklet Brooklet Steam Ship Co. Ltd.
1915 Brooklet Harrowing Steam Ship Co. Ltd.
1918 Ethelinda Harrowing Steam Ship Co. Ltd.


The Hartlepool-built steamship Ethelinda was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-103 (Claus Rucker) off Anglesea on 29th January, 1918. The ship was on a voyage from Bilbao to Barrow with a cargo of iron ore. Master A. Cuthbert.

Twenty six crew were lost including one from the Hartlepools:
Robert Kingston.

The other crewmen lost were:
Ali Abdullah; Ali Muhammad; Ali Muhammad; Ashford, William; Ching, L.L.; Cuthbert, A.; Davey, Walter Ernest Rose; Hansen, W.; Hayashi, K.; Henrikson, G.; Ikitoni, K.; Inskuchi, N.; McKean, James; Morgan, Morgan; Muhammad Ali; Nagi Hasan; Nyland, Waldemar; Pallo; Rundle, William Middleton; Sakomoto, K.; Saleh Ali; Sandys, Ed; Severs, James; Tilley, John Edward; Zachler, Paul.


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