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Ethelinda - lives lost

Owners: 1911 Brooklet SS Co (Needham Bros) West Hartlepool: 1915 R Harrowing & Co, Whitby 1918-renamed Ethelinda

Masters: 1913-15 J Horn: 1918 A Cuthbert.

On a voyage from Bilbao to Barry with a cargo of iron-ore the defensively armed merchant steamer Ethelinda was torpedoed without warning  by German submarine (U-103 Claus Rucker) & sank 15 miles NW of the Skerries, Anglesey on 29 January 1918. 26 lives were lost including the master

Lives lost January 1918: Ali Abdullah, fireman/trimmer, India; Ali Muhammad, fireman/trimmer, India; Ali Muhammad, fireman/trimmer, India; Ashford, William, 2nd cook, 15, b. Sunderland, resided South Shields; Ching, LL, ship’s cook; Cuthbert, A, master, 39, Grosvenor Place, North Shields; Davey, Walter Ernest Rose, seaman, 43, Snape; Ikitoni, K, 3rd engineer, Japan ; Inskuchi, N, donkeyman, 31, b. Kobe; Kingston, Robert, 1st engineer, 43, Lansdowne Rd. Hartlepool; McKean, James, wireless operator, 17, Alexandria, Dumbarton; Morgan, Morgan, apprentice, 19, Oxbridge Lane, Stockton-on-Tees; Muhammad Ali, fireman/trimmer, India; Nagi Hasan, fireman/trimmer, India; Nyland, Waldemar, sailor, b. Russia; Pallo, able seaman, 32, b. Riga, Latvia; Rundle, William Middleton, 1st mate, 52, Cardiff; Sakomoto, K, steward, 26, b. Nagasaki, Japan; Saleh Ali, fireman/trimmer, India; Sandys, Ed, able seaman, 40, b. St Johns, Newfoundland; Severs, James, 2nd engineer, 45, b. Gleasby, Darlington; Tilley, John Edward, 2nd mate, 65, b. Whitstable; Zachler, Paul, sailor, 37, b. USA.

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