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Sandsend - a general history

Official No. 54575: Code Letters HQNP: Code Letters HSJP.

Owners: 1869 George Pyman & Co, Hartlepool: 1888 London & South Wales SS Co, London: 1890 D Radford & Co, London:  1895 East Steel SS Co (JH Pearson) Sunderland: 1907 Blaz Otero y Cia, Montevideo, Uraguay-renamed Bedeo: 1911 Cia del Vapor Lucero (P Ruis) Bilbao, Spain-renamed Lucero: 1913 Viuda de Blas de Otero & Co, Bilboa, Spain: 1915-20 Domingo Rueda, Bilbao, Spain.

Masters: 1869 T Pyman: 1870-72 W Barff: 1872 W Bartoll: 1874 A Dobson: 1875-76 T Heselton: 1876-77 H Waller: 1877 Harland: 1878-81 George Smith: 1882-83 J Parkes: 1883 Harkings: 1884-87 Hoskings: 1888-89 R Gostelow: 1889 Rosser: 1890-92 JF Lebrun: 1892-93 F Waller: 1893-1902 D Laugharne: 1903 JG Hart: 1905 J Simpson: 1906 H Hall: 1911-12 A Moreno: 1913-14 J Rey: 1915-19 A Gorrechategui.

Voyages: from Pilau for Hartlepool with 1,000 tons of grain & a crew of 17 Sandsend went ashore on the rocks near the Naval Reserve Battery at Hartlepool on 2 January 1878. Three steamboats tried to tow her off without success & she rapidly sank. It was feared that the vessel’s back was broken which would make her a wreck but she was eventually refloated. It was found that the pilot, Michael Snowdon, was to blame for the stranding; 17 June 1882 arrived Gravesend from Torrefors; September 1885 Sandsend stranded at Hafringe near Norkoping & was refloated.

British Register closed 1908.

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