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Lady Salisbury

Names and owners




1890 Lady Salisbury Hawkins Holman
1891 Lady Salisbury Gresham Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.


The steamship Lady Salisbury sank on June 9th, 1915, after striking a mine laid by UC-11, 1 mile north of the Sunk Light Vessel. The ship was on a voyage from Hartlepool to London with a cargo of coal.

Three crew were lost: Wilfred Hood Davison and Thomas Robson Harrison, both from the Hartlepools, and John H. Charlton from South Shields.

The Liverpool Daily Post of June 10th, 1915, ran the following:
ANOTHER STEAMSHIP TORPEDOED. CREW OF EIGHTEEN LEAP OVERBOARD. The British steamer Lady Salisbury, was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine off Harwich soon after daylight yesterday morning. The vessel was bound for London from Hartlepool with cargo of coal. She carried seventeen hands, and at least three are believed to have been killed.
Eight of the crew were landed at Harwich yesterday morning by a patrol boat to which they had been transferred by the pilot boat that rescued them, together with the body the Chief Officer, Mr. Charlton, of Leeds. He was believed to have been killed by the explosion. An apprentice was said to have been blown high into the air by the explosion, but he is believed to have been rescued. A fireman stated that the vessel was torpedoed without warning, and quickly settled down by the head. Nothing was seen of the submarine.
In addition to eight of the crew rescued, others are believed to have been rescued by other boats. Lloyd's agent at Harwich reports:—The Lady Salisbury (London, 1,446 tons), bound from Hartlepool for London with cargo of coal, was torpedoed at 5.30 a.m. to-day (Wednesday) near the Sunk Lightship. The vessel sank in three minutes. The crew of eighteen men jumped overboard. Eight landed here alive and one dead, picked by a pilot cutter. Other were picked up by a London-bound steamer, but it is not known whether all were saved. 

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