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1901 Waverley Pyman S.S. Co. Ltd.


The West Hartlepool-owned steamship Waverley was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-35 north-east of Oran, on 20th December, 1917. The ship was on a voyage from Cardiff to Port Said with a cargo of coal.

Twenty two crew were lost, including West Hartlepool-born Chief Engineer George Herbert Todd.

The other crewmen who lost their lives were: Coleman, Andrew; Devany, William; Gilmore, Daniel Patrick; Green, Ernest; Hopkins, Theophilus; Kinwigi, M.; Lee, Alfred Francis; Mallia, Louis; Nash, William; O'Donnell, Peter; Petas, P.; Racine, Joseph Charles Edouard; Raisanen, O.W.; Richmond, George Allan; Said, Giuseppe; Slater, Cyril David; Smith, William; Traynor, C.; Webster, Laurence Sidney; White, Alfred Clark.



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