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Pandia A. Ralli

Names and owners




1903 Pandia A. Ralli Panhellenic Shipping Co.
1922 Nirefs Hellenic Co. of Maritime Enterprises
1925 Diamando Tsatsomiros Brothers
1931 Diamando Ionnis N. Tsatsomiros
1937 Pandia Arthur Karlsson
1941 Desert Light U.S. War Shipping Administration


On a voyage from New York for Bermuda with a cargo of supplies for the Naval Operating Base including ammunition & dynamite & a crew of 31 Desert Light was torpedoed by German submarine (U-572 Heinz Hirsacker) & sank between New York & Bermuda in 35.35N/72.48W on 16 April 1942. 1 fireman lost. Master Charles B. Dunn.