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Ben Lomond

Names and owners




1906 Ben Lomond Morrison Shipping Co. Ltd.
1918 Ben Lomond British Dyes Ltd.
1918 Turnbridge British Dyes Ltd.


The West Hartlepool-built steamship Turnbridge (sometimes still referenced by her earlier name of Ben Lomond), was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-92 (Gunther Ehrlich) south of Daunt's Rock, Cork, Ireland, on 8th July, 1918. The vessel was on a voyage from Seville to Ardrossan with a cargo of iron ore. The ship was renamed Turnbridge shortly before her loss.

Twenty two crew were lost including one from the Hartlepools:
Henry Warner Cook.

The other crewmen who lost their lives were:
Bendall, James William; Cairns, James Christopher; Donleavy, William Stephen; Eriksen, Carl; Galloway, William; Hill, Chas Frederick; Hughes, Herbert; Ivanhoe, A.; Jenkins, Alfred Harry; Koomen, L.; Lessels, George Cook; MacIver, Norman; McDonald, Archibald; McVeigh, William Alfred; Moloney, William; Oliver, William Joseph; Sophia, T.L.;  Stewart, A; Todd, Robert Fraser; Watkins, C; Wilkinson, Cyril Mervyn Palmer (Noll)


Williams, George

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