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1915 Rosalie Seville & United Kingdom Carrying Co. Ltd.


The West Hartlepool-built steamship Rosalie was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-39 (Walter Forstmann) off Djidjelli, Algeria, on 20th February, 1917. The ship was on a voyage from New York to Salonica with a cargo of munitions and oats.

Twenty one crew were lost including one from the Hartlepools:
Frederick Drew.

The other crewmen who lost their lives were:
Banks, J.; Campbell, J.; Capatolis, C.; Ciceres, D.; Couch, John Peters; Djerve, J.; Grey, William Andrew; Gutierrez, Robert; House, James Strout; Liendo, Manuel; Martin, J. San; Mella, P.; Morgan, William; Pedersen, Peder; Petersen, Herbert Henry; Punal, Edgar; Sparkes, Harry; Suarez, M.; Viniegra, M.; Watts, Bertram.


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