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Empire Record

Names and owners




1942 Empire Record British Government
1946 Empire Record Stanhope Steamship Co. Ltd.
1948 Stanway Stanhope Steamship Co. Ltd.
1951 Yorkbrook Williamstown Shipping Co. Ltd.
1954 Elisabeth Jansen Jansens Rederi AS
1959 Celia B. Marine Ventures Corporation
1963 Saint Mary Prymo Meltemi Cia Naviera SA
1964 Sea Maid Angelmar Shipping Co. Inc.


On a voyage from Houston for Demerara in ballst in January 1965, the Sea Maid lost her propellor and suffered engine damage. She was towed to Willemstad and abandoned as a loss. She arrived for breaking at Bilbao on 11 June, 1969, by Hierros Arbula.

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