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Names and owners




1881 Surrey Atlantic Transport Co.
1888 Michigan Bernard S.S. Co. Ltd.
1889 Michigan C. Furness & Co.
1889 Michigan R.L. Gilchrest & Co.
1890 Michigan Beyts, Craig & Co.
1893 Michigan AS Michigan
1899 Michigan Lewis Luckenbach
1900 Harry Luckenbach Lewis Luckenbach
1903 Harry Luckenbach Luckenbach Tptn & Wrecking Co.
1908 Harry Luckenbach Estate of Lewis Luckenbach
1909 Harry Luckenbach Edgar F. Luckenbach


The American steamship Harry Luckenbach was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-93 ( Helmut Gerlach), 2 miles north-west of Penmarch, off Armen France, on January 6th, 1918. Eight crew were lost. Master T.S. Jones

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