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1894 Ribston London & Northern Steamship Co. Ltd.
1915 Ribston London Gate S.S. Co. Ltd.
1915 Ribston Capricornus S.S. Co. Ltd.


The West Hartlepool-built steamship Ribston was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-45 (Erich Sittenfield), off south-west Ireland on July 16th, 1917. The ship was on a voyage from Melilla, Spain, to Glasgow with a cargo of iron ore. Master J. Tweedie.

Twenty five crew were lost including one from the Hartlepools:
Thomas Glennie.

The other crewmen who lost their lives were:
Atkinson, William Henry; Bartlett, William Jenkin; Burrows, Robert; Calson, B.; Coutsoudis, Zanis Constantine; Crowden, Charles; Durbin, George Mansel; Evans, Benjamin Charles; Harrington, William Henry; Jamieson, William Hunter; Kays, Joseph; Kemp, Francis; Lixton, George Henry; MacPherson, James; MacRae, David Paterson; Madden, George; Stewart, John; Tatton, James; Taylor, George Henry; Thomas, William; Tweedie, J.; Vincent, John Owen Charles; White, John Henry;  Wilson, Charles Stanley.

Owned by the London and Northern Steam Ship Co. Ltd. Managers: Pyman Bros.
Sold to the London Gate S.S. Co. Ltd. (H.W. Dillon & Sons, Managers), in 1915 for £25,000.
Sold to the Capricornus S.S. Co. Ltd. (Moller & Co., Managers), in November 1915 for £40,000.

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