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Names and owners




1900 Membland Pyman S.S. Co. Ltd.
1914 Membland Macbeth & Co. Ltd.


The West Hartlepool-owned steamship Membland was presumed mined and sunk, with the loss of all hands, on a voyage from Hull to the Tyne, in ballast, on or around February 15th, 1915. Master John Brotchie.

Twenty crew were lost including including one from the Hartlepools:
Edward Husdell.

The other crew lost were:
Andersen, E.E.; Bergs, Charles; Brotchie, John; Ellis, Leonard Joseph; Finon, John; Freer, Thomas; Grant, Charles; Guthrie, William; Jansson, John; Johnsen, O.; Johnson, M.; Mather, R.; McDermott, William; Porbom, Wemer; Richards, Alfred; Smith, Alex; Tattersall, Richard; Taylor, Guy Harry; Ware, Percy.

Five other lives were lost, two civilian workers, one of whom was a North Sea pilot, plus the wife of Willam Guthrie and the wife and child of Edward Husdell.


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