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Livingstone III

Names and owners




1930 Livingstone III C. Mathisen
1931 Josephine Gray W. Gray
1934 Gunvor Maersk AS DS af 1912
1940 Gunvor Maersk British Government
1945 Gunvor Maersk AS DS af 1912
1955 Angus Rederi AB Angus
1960 Angus Rederi Ab Hera
1964 Robert Kim Trading Shipping Co. Inc.


In June 1970, on a voyage from Galatz to Chioggia with a cargo of timber, the Robert ran aground and suffered extensive damage. When refloated she was declared a constructive total loss and towed to the shipyard of Sideremboriki S.A. in Piraeus, arrving there on March 13th, 1970 to be broken-up.

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