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Lex Cinema

Details about Lex Cinema

The Lex Cinema was originally built as the Royal Roller Rink by George Geipel in 1909 in Whitby St . In 1910, it was leased to Robert Everton and became the Royal Electric Cinema. In 1937 it became the Lex Cinema, closing in 1960 and finally being demolished in 1966.


The cinema was leased to Robert Everton and a family member related that it had gold seats at the front and wooden benches at the back. Cliff Reynolds who later owned a garage next door was manager from the early 1930s.

When closed as a cinema, it was for a few years in the early 1960s, used as a venue for a Christmas Toy Fair for nearby Blackett's Department Store and will be remembered by many youngsters of that time.


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