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Murrell & Co. [B.B. Murrell]

Details about Murrell & Co. [B.b. Murrell]

B.B. Murrell & Co., purchased the S.S. Armenia from William Gray in 1898 trading under the name of Armenia Steam Ship Co. of West Hartlepool. The steamer was sold in 1913.

Family History:
Benjamin Bray Murrell was born on 24th April 1841 at Wivenhoe, Essex to parents William and Eliza (nee Harvey).
In 1861 he was mate aboard the United of Colchester. He received his mate’s certificate in 1862 and his master’s certificate No. 25232 in May 1867. 

Benjamin married Anne Eliza Heath in August 1871 at Wivenhoe. The couple had six daughters, all born at Wivenhoe between 1872 and 1883, and one son born at Hartlepool in 1884. Eliza died aged 41 at Hartlepool in 1887 and was interred at Spion Kop Cemetery.
In the 1891 census Benjamin was employed as a marine superintendent for Otto Trechmann & Co., and was living at ‘Neon House’ Stranton with his four daughters.  
In 1909 he sailed on the Empress of Ireland to Quebec as a tourist.
By 1911 he was living at ‘Heathlands’ 24 Clifton Avenue, West Hartlepool with two of his daughters.

Benjamin died, aged 79, at Hartlepool on 12th August, 1920, leaving effects of £8,902.


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