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Younghusband & Partners

Details about Younghusband & Partners

George Younghusband owned and had shares in ships from 1850. His partners included William Watson (died 1863); Mary Ann Watson; William Bird Gray; Andrew Smith (Sunderland); Thomas Wilson; John Cockburn; M.A. Watson; Joseph Edward Murrell

Family Histories:

George Younghusband was born on 22 November 1817 and baptised in January 1818 at Newcastle-on-Tyne to parents (married 30 November 1816) Mary (nee Ratcliff) and George Younghusband. He became a grocer and baker and in 1841 was living and working at Bishopwearmouth. George married Jane Wilson in 1842 at Stockton-on-Tees and by 1849 they had moved to Hartlepool with premises at Northgate Street, Hartlepool. His wife, Jane, died aged 63 on 31 May 1883.

George died aged 70 at South Crescent, Hartlepool on 1st June 1888 leaving effects of £891.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail  -  Monday 11 June 1888:

‘We regret to have to record the demise of one of the few remaining “old standards” of Hartlepool. Mr George Younghusband died this morning at the residence of his son-in-law Captain J.E. Murrell. Deceased had for some time past been suffering from chronic rheumatism, and it was to this complaint his death is attributed. He was born in 1818, and for many years carried on a successful grocery business in Northgate, from which he retired about ten years ago. He was an active member of the Congregational Church, but took no part in municipal affairs, confining himself to work of a religious and philanthropic nature. He leaves two daughters and one son, viz : Mrs J.E. Murrell, Mrs F. Yeoman and Mr G.T. Younghusband, chief engineer of one of our local steamers.’


Joseph Edward Murrell was born 1837 at Wivenhoe, Essex to parents William and Eliza. He received his mate’s certificate No. 18784 in 1858.  He married Mary Younghusband at Hartlepool in 1863 and by 1881 the couple were living at South Crescent with their two sons and two daughters. By the 1891 census they had two sons and six daughters. By the time of the 1901 census the family were living at Clifton Avenue.

Joseph Edward Murrell died aged 80 at Hartlepool on 21 February 1919 leaving effects of £81,550.


Mary Ann (possibly nee Wilson) was born at South Shields in 1826. She married William Watson who was born in 1824 at Newcastle-on-Tyne. In 1851 the couple were living at North Terrace, Hartlepool with their daughter and son. By 1861 the couple were living at 13 Albion Terrace with their daughter Mary Ann and five sons, William, Thomas, George, Alfred and Frederick. Mary married Joseph Murreel, William and Thomas both became mariners and George an engine fitter. Frederick Arthur Watson was drowned at sea on 23 July 1875 aged 15. William died on 16 July 1863 leaving effects of under £6,000. He also left his shares in ships to his widow.

Mary died aged 50 on 27 May 1876 at Albion Terrace, Hartlepool leaving effects of under £200. William and Mary were interred at Spion Kop cemetery.


William Bird Gray was born in 1832 at Scarborough to parents Elizabeth Kennedy (nee Findley) and James Gray (shipowner). William married Esther at Sunderland in 1860 and the couple had six children throughout their marriage.  In 1861 the couple were living at Prissick Street, Hartlepool with William’s father and mother. In the early 1880s the family moved to Whitby where he had worked for Barnard & Foxton, the secretaries of the Whitby Mutual Marine Iron Steamship Association. On the death of Mr Foxton he was appointed to co-secretary along with Mr Jefferson Suggit. The firm became Barnard, Gray & Suggit. Due to ill-health William retired and had moved to Manchester by 1901. He had also been the secretary of a sailing club in Hartlepool.

William died aged 73 at Fallowfield, Manchester on 10 July 1905.


John Cockburn was born in November 1818 at Sunderland to parents Margaret (nee Boudge) and James Cockburn. He became a shipwright. John married Alice Foster in 1851 and in 1853 the couple had a daughter, Ann who died 1862.  In the 1871 census the couple were living at Greatham with John listed as a master shipwright and shipowner. By 1881 John had retired.

John died aged 89 at Hartlepool on 5 February 1907 leaving effects of £1,468. His wife, Alice, predeceased him in the same year.




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