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North of England Steamship Co. Ltd

Details about North Of England Steamship Co. Ltd

John William Crosby & John Magee formed their shipping company in 1891 with the purchase of the Larch. In 1904 they took over the ships & company of Stainthorp, Kitching & Co, Stockton. The company then traded to Gulf ports, US Eastern Seaboard & St. Lawrence.  John Magee retired in 1927 & the company was re-named Crosby, Son & Co. Ltd.

In 1937 the directors were William Noel Crosby, Walter Cooper, John Middleton and William John Davies.

In total they owned 16 ships throughout the company's history. They sold their last ship in 1954 & the company was wound up in 1958.

Family History:

John William Crosby was born in 1858 at Woodbridge, Suffolk to parents William and Sarah who were both born at North Shields. John became a shipbroker and auctioneer before branching out to owning ships. He married Elizabeth Metcalfe at York in November 1886. From 1891 to 1901 they were living at Brougham Terrace and by 1911 at 'Norville' in Hutton Avenue. John and Elizabeth had a daughter and two sons. Their eldest son, John Metcalfe Crosby, was killed in action in France in 1917.

John died on 24 December 1933 at Lightwoods, Egglescliffe aged 75. He left effects of £55,641.

John Augustine Magee was born at Hutton Henry in c1857 to parents Edward and Mary Ann. He married Elizabeth Stephenson at Easington in 1887 and they had three sons and a daughter. By 1891 the family were living at Castle Eden.

John died on 9 January 1928 at Burnside, Castle Eden leaving effects of £98,779. 

Fleet List

Larch 1878-1900

Brunswick 1881-1895

Glen Dochart 1882-1914

Paola 1882-1914

Edinburgh 1883-1913

Nettleton 1891-1916

Hannah M. Bell 1893-1911

Bainbridge 1894-1916

Teesbridge 1905-1929

Wearbridge 1911-1937

Eskbridge 1912-1940

Tynebridge 1925-1940

Hartbridge 1927-1960

Levenbridge 1928-1958

Forthbridge 1928-1936

Ousebridge 1929-1940


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