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Leask Clark & Co.

Details about Leask Clark & Co.

As well as being shipbrokers and merchants James Leask, Captain Robert Clark & Co., owned four ships between 1882 and 1909.

Brooklands 1882 sold in 1884

Milo 1882 wrecked in 1891

Milo (2) 1892 sold in 1899

Martin 1895 sold in 1909

They also managed ships including the Derwent which was built in 1884 and owned by the Scarborough S.S. Co. (John Stephenson).

Shields Daily Gazette  - Thursday 12 March 1891.

THE WRECK OF THE MILO. CAPTAIN'S CERTIFICATE SUSPENDED. At the Moot Hall, Newcastle, yesterday, judgment was given connection with the Board of Trade inquiry the circumstances attending the loss the steamer Milo on the Rocks, south-east of Ushant, France, on February 12th. The vessel left Huelva for Rouen on February 8th with a crew of nineteen hands, including the master, Capt. E. J. Minter. She had a cargo of copper ore and proceeded all right until the 12th of February, when she struck the Serroux Rocks, and foundered ten minutes afterwards. The Court found that the course set on the morning of the 11th February, and thereafter steered, was not safe and proper, and no allowance was made for tide currents. The vessel was not navigated with proper and seamanlike care, and the total neglect of the use of the lead was most unjustifiable. The casualty was caused by the vessel being kept on courses which took her inside Ushant, and the none-use of the lead when the weather became thick, the lights off Ushant not I being seen. The master was solely in default, and the Court suspended his certificate for period six months, but recommended that he should granted a chief mate's certificate in the interval.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail  - Wednesday 28 November 1894

LAUNCH AT SIR W. GRAY'S. This afternoon, Messrs Wm. Gray and Co., Limited, launched the line steel screw-steamer Martin. She is of the following dimensions: Length over all, 280 ft.; breadth, 37ft.; depth, 19ft. 6in., and has been built to the order Messrs Leask, Clark, and Co., of West Hartlepool, and will take Lloyd's highest class. The deck erections consist of poop, raised quarterdeck, long bridge, and topgallant forecastle. A tasteful saloon, state-room, and accommodation for captain and officers will be fitted up in the poop, and comfortable quarters for the engineers at after end the bridge, and for the crew in the fore end of the bridge. The vessel is built on the WEB-FRAME SYSTEM, with a double bottom under each hold for water ballast, and there is also large ballast tank in the after peak. Four steam winches, donkey boiler, steam steering gear amidships, screw steering gear aft, patent windlass, schooner rig, boats on beams overhead, and all modern appliances will be fitted. THE ENGINES are of the triple-expansion type, working on three cranks. They are supplied by the Central Marine Engine Works of Messrs Wm. Gray and Co., Limited. The cylinders arc 19in., 36 1/2 in., and 51in. diameter, and the piston stroke 36in.; THE BOILEBS, built of steel, are large size, and will give ample supply of steam at a working pressure of 160 lbs per square inch. The vessel has been superintended during construction by Captain Clark, of the owners' firm, and the ceremony naming the Martin was gracefully performed by Miss Clapham, of Yarm.

Family History:

Robert Clark was born at Runswick, Yorkshire on 12 June 1824. He married Mary Hunton (daughter of W. Williamson) at Great Ayton in December 1855. In 1871 the family were living at Rowell Street, West Hartlepool and by 1881 had moved to 9 McDonald Place.

He began as an apprentice seaman and gained his mate’s certificate No. 57393. He was mate aboard the Joseph Fenton of Whitby in 1847. By 1869 he had gained his master’s certificate No. 75595 and commanded vessels for both Whitby and Middlesbrough firms and was one of the first to captain steam vessels for the Hartlepool company of Coverdale & Merryweather.

Robert died suddenly at his residence; 9 McDonald Place, West Hartlepool on 15 July 1896 aged 72 leaving effects of £3,445.

 James Leask was born in July 1845 at Kirkwall, Orkney Island, Scotland to parents Captain James Leask and Isabella (nee Logie) Leask. He married Alice Mary Sutherland in 1872 at Sunderland. During the marriage the couple had four sons and two daughters. By 1891 the family were living at Stranton, West Hartlepool and by 1901 at 87 Hutton Avenue, West Hartlepool. Alice died in 1907 at Hartlepool.

James died on 27 October 1924 at Edinburgh leaving effects of £13,794. He was interred at Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh.



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