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J Procter Printers

Details about J Procter Printers

J. Procter, Printers, High Street, Hartlepool.

John Procter was born in 1809 and was apprenticed, at the age of fourteen, to Thomas Jenner of Stockton who was a printer, bookbinder, bookseller and stationer.

At the age of twenty-four, John set up his own printing business in Southgate, Hartlepool.

John’s timing was perfect as it was a boom time in Hartlepool and most businesses required bookbinding and printing work. He was probably the only printer in the area so his business flourished.

Although his printing works were in Southgate, John must have had an office in The High Street, Hartlepool, as this is the address that appeared on all his posters.

On his death in 1860, John’s business was taken over by F.W. Mason.


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