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The Duke of Cleveland

Details about The Duke Of Cleveland

The Duke of Cleveland, Church Walk, Hartlepool

The former Conservative Club has re-opened as the Duke of Cleveland pub on the Headland.

In the 1800s, the Grade II listed building was the summer home to the first Duke of Cleveland William Henry Vane.

Duke William, known as Harry, was a landowner and politician who lived from 1766 to 1842.

His main residence was the grand Raby Castle but it was Hartlepool where he would come to relax in the summer.

Observers will spot that the building, formerly called Hartlepool House, has no windows overlooking St Hilda’s Church directly opposite on Church Walk.

That is because the Duke is said to have had a disagreement with the then curator of St Hilda’s when the house was built in 1833.


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