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Hartlepool (Headland) Railway Stations

Details about Hartlepool (Headland) Railway Stations

In Robert Wood's 'West Hartlepool' the author tells us that the first old Hartlepool Railway Station was actually a ship brought onto land. The first custom built station on the Headland opened close to Commercial St.

It became a goods' shed when the 'new' station was built in 1878 a little further west and close to the library. This can clearly be seen on maps up to the 1960s.

For many years, this second station served passengers to West Hartlepool but in later days only carried excursion passengers and children from the nearby colliery villages who attended Henry Smith School. The station closed in 1964 following Mr Beeching's axe when passenger facilities were stopped at Easington, Horden and Blackhall. Children from out of town were then taken to school by bus.


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