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A view of the old Hartlepool

What we know about this image :

A view of Hartlepool Headland taken from the tower of St. Hilda's church, circa 1955. The building on the left is Harrison's Chemist where I bought my first camera at 12 years old.
In the background is the CMEW Crane, Swan Neck Crane and the Sheer Legs plus of course the old Coal Staithes.

In the dock are the two tug boats Hart and Stranton and the old dredger Robert de Bruce (red) .  One of the two black funnels is the trawler Friarage which at the time was skippered by Matty Waugh and every time he returned to port he would blow his whistle/horn to the tune of "cock a doodle do"

On the extreme right, the building with the two green doors, is the Ice House where they used to make slabs of ice and crush it for the fishing fleet fed to the boats by the shute which is the black line above the green doors. The black chimney top right is possibly the old rope works.

Date (of image) : 1955

Donor : Allan Newton

Creator : Allan Newton


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