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Inspecting the damage

What we know about this image :

This picture shows the Northern Regional Civil Defence Commissioner, Sir Arthur Lambert (wearing a bowler hat and armlet) at the scene of the Elwick Road/Houghton Street bombing in West Hartlepool, on 20th August, 1941. The then Mayor and Chairman of the Emergency Committee, Ald. O. Lupton, is on Sir Arthur’s right.

The Elwick Road bombing was West Hartlepool’s worst experience, for besides causing extensive damage, it accounted for twenty-three of the town’s forty-eight fatal air raid casualties. The death roll comprised twelve women, six men and five children and all but two lived in the Elwick Road and Houghton Street area.

The Elwick Road bombing was one of forty-three air raids on The Hartlepools between June 1940 and March 1943.

(Extracted from “Air Raids on the Hartlepools” by Chas Cowley published in 1945)


HHT&N 436

Date (of image) : 20/8/1941

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service


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