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1907 - Durham County v Devon

What we know about this image :

The Durham County XV sitting outside the Grand Hotel in Swainson Street,  on Saturday April 13th, 1907, prior to their game with Devon in the County Championship Final on the Victoria Ground. The match was a 3-3 draw, Durham's points coming from a try by Jimmy Duthie (West Hartlepool). A week later they travelled to Exeter for the replay. This ended in a no-score draw so the sides shared the Championship.

This situation remained unique in the County Championship until 1967 when Durham travelled to Twickenham to take on Surrey in the Final which ended in a 14-all draw. The replay at the New Friarage a month later ended in a no-score draw so Durham once again agreed to share the Championship.

 Unidentified players in the image marked (NK) are D E Elwood W H Heal Rovers, E M Harrison Durham City T E Gallacher North Durham & West J Thompson T Hogarth & S Brittain Rovers

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. NK 

  2. H E Pyman Referees Soc

  3. E J Hoyle Inter-County Championship Sec

  4. NK

  5. J B Johnson  President & Hamsteels,

  6. T F Wilson Treasurer

  7. NK

  8. NK

  9. NK

Row 2

  1. F E Chapman Westoe
  2. NK
  3. NK
  4. F W Marsh County Sec
  5. W H Phillips Durham City 
  6. NK

Row 3

  1. G E Summerscales Durham City

  2. F Boylen Rovers

  3. J T Taylor West & Captain

  4. J Duthie West

  5. H Havelock West
  6. Row 4
  7. NK

  8. NK

  9. D. E.  Ellwood Rovers

  10. G E Carter Rovers

  11. J P Sivewright Rovers 

  12. NK

Date (of image) : 0/4/1907

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : unknown


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