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West Hartlepool Home Guard despatch motorcycle riders

What we know about this image :

Despatch Riders Group 18 attached to the Home Guard, pictured on the Bull Field (now the site of the Civic Centre). To the left was the Army Barracks, which was also the Motor Transport Department (and supplied the petrol needed for the motor cycles) and the Armoury.

 3rd from the Left: Stan Smith –Dirt Track Rider

 5th from the Left: Geoff Saunders

 14th from the Left: Charlie Dutton – Dutton’s Garage opposite Travellers Rest

 1st from the Right: name unknown but he was Manager of the Staincliffe Hotel

 4th from the Right: Guy Perry – Lodged at Rium Terrace.  Lived in Biggleswade, became director of Convair Aircraft Company in Canada

 5th from the Right: John Proudlock

 8th from the Right: Don Kirkpatrick

 The last 6 riders on the right were apprentices at CMEW and Richardson & Westgarths.





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