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Mr Peter Wolfe on 1925 Rudge Whitworth motor cycle

What we know about this image :

Taken outside the Hartlepool  Mail Office in July 1968, the image shows Peter Wolfe who was chairman of HartlepoolVintage Club on his 1925 motorcycle which could still travel at 70 mph although he used it mainly in rallies and shows. He had bought the bike from Mr A Windross of Parton Street who had not used it since 1954 although it was kept in good condition since he had bought it in 1925. Mr Wolfe overhauled the cycle to make it  completely roadworthy again. Eventually he sold it to a Mr John Hughes of Hartlepool.


Date (of image) : 18/7/1968

Donor : Peter Wolfe

Creator : Hartlepool Mail


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