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B Relief

What we know about this image :

Malcolm Davies (Back Row Middle) was a Police Officer with Cleveland Police from January 1978 until July 2008 and started at Hartlepool in April 1978 after finishing training school at RAF Dishforth. He was posted to 'B' Relief. There were 4 shifts operating and were called (very imaginatively A, B, C and D Reliefs) and at the time they worked from the Police Station on Raby Road, now 'The Peoples Centre'.

The photograph was taken in 1978 and included those members of the shift who were on duty at the time, so some other shift members are missing. It was taken in the "bar" area of the Police Station, which was on the ground floor.







Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. PC Keith Stafford
  2. PC (later Sgt) Don Stephenson
  3. PC (later Inspector) Ian Swann
  4. PC Graham Egglestone
  5. PC (later Sgt) Malcolm Davies
  6. PC John Denholm
  7. PC Richard Mekins
  8. PC Martin Chaffey
  9. PC Harry Tuttle

Row 2

  1. PC Frank Bingham
  2. Sgt Ron Toon
  3. Sgt Alan Miller
  4. Inspector (later Superintendent) Harry Dawson
  5. Sgt Brian Clouting
  6. PC Martin Brigham
  7. WPC Anne Bishop


Date (of image) : 1978

Donor : Malcolm Davies


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