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1898 - Hartlepool Barbarians

What we know about this image :

A mystery image, possibly taken at the Friarage Field however which part of the season the team played, or who they played against is presently known despite extensive searches in newspaper files.

Many of the players  listed went on to be familiar in the game over the years, quite a number are from the Wanderers and Excelsior Clubs who were prominent in junior club circles. Two of the Excelsior players, Havelock and Hogarth both went on to play for England.

The Hartlepool Barbarians XVs are featured in “Mail” reports from 1892 through to the middle of the 1900s initially the club played other “junior” clubs. However, the start of the 20th Century the club players would be drawn from a combination of Rovers, or West or Old Boys 1st XVs to start the season for one of the big three. Later the club developed a short lived one match Christmas game in South Wales with Aberavon being met in 1903, Llanelli in 1904 and Neath in 1905.

HHT&N 988

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. W Jones,

  2. G Gardner

  3. I Vale North Star?

  4. J Nichol

  5. R Cambridge Hartlepool Excelsior

  6. T Hogarth Hartlepool Excelsior

  7. J Walker

  8. H Havelock Hartlepool Excelsior

  9. G Werge Hartlepool Wednesday

  10. J Corkin

  11. T Crane

Row 2

  1. A Liddle

  2. L Emerson Hartlepool Wanderers?

  3. G Sedgwick Brougham Rovers?

  4. D. Phillips (Captain) Hartlepool Excelsior

  5. H Randall Hartlepool Rovers III

  6. J Broadhead Hartlepool Rovers II

  7. J Auton Brougham Rovers?

Row 3

  1. R Wright

  2. R Armstrong

  3. W Arnold Hartlepool Excelsior

  4. T Shipp Hartlepool Excelsior


Date (of image) : 1/9/1898

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service

Creator : T.G.Gamlen, West Hartlepool.

Part of the "Hartlepool Museums Service" collection


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