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Richard Henry Whittleton

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Skipper Richard (Dick) Henry Whittleton (seated), tragically lost his life in an explosion on board his trawler, the Gertrude Cappleman, in September 1923. He was aged just 43 at the time.
Dick had earlier been skipper of the trawler Mayfly and was involved in the rescue of the crew and passengers of the Hospital Ship Rohilla, which was wrecked at Whitby, on October 30th, 1914. Dick later received £5.00 in recognition of his services, while the other crewmen were also awarded monetary awards.

On September 28th, 1916, the trawler Loch Ryan, of which Dick was now Skipper, was captured by a German submarine while fishing off the Tyne and taken to Germany as a Prize Ship. Dick and the rest of the crew ended up as Prisoners of War at Dulmen, Germany.

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