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Scott & Company

What we know about this image :

Scott's tailors shop was located on the corner of Lynn Street and Church Street, the site later occupied by Maynard's. The floor above was the Athenaeum, the entrance to which can be seen on the extreme right of the photograph.  Scott's were first listed in Trade Directories in 1912/3, the previous occupant of the site being W. Biddle, who was also a tailor.  The last listing was in 1921/2.

The reflection in the left hand window is of F. Costede's fruit shop.  Miss Costede occupied the premises from about  1917 to 1925, giving some indication of when the photograph was taken.

The shop to the right was a tobacconist's, successively owned by E.J. Newbiggin, G. Wright and R. Sinclair. It was later Findlay's.

Donor : Douglas Ferriday

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