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Wedding of Vincent Pike and Robina Brownlee

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The wedding group outside the Sandringham Road Presbyterian Church in 1939/40. The church is now the Hartlepool United Supporters Club.
Georgina Pike worked as Head Clerk at Binn's Department Store; Robina Brownlee was a nurse at Cameron's Hospital; Richard Fawcett was a coffin-maker for Simpson's and lived in Hart Road (old Hartlepool). His house was one of those damaged during the German Bombardment in 1914.

left to right

Row 1

  1. Georgina Pike
  2. Georgina's mother
  3. Vincent Pike
  4. Ann Vickers Brownlee (at the back)
  5. Robina Pike (nee Brownlee)
  6. James William Brownlee
  7. Richard Harold Fawcett


Donor : Mr. & Mrs. Chappell


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