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Lynn Street east 11 - sixth block

What we know about this image :

This is between Reed Street and Lambton Street.  This photograph is of Dickson and Cross, drapers at Nos. 45 to 49. These premises were later occupied by Marks and Spencer, which at the time the photograph was taken, operated the Marks and Spencer Bazaar at No. 39 Lynn Street.  No. 39 appears to be the shop occupied by W. Duncan in Photograph 'Lynn Street east 09'.

Dickson must have left the firm since the Trade Directory for 1921/2 listed the shop as Cross.  By 1927/8, the shop had shrunk to just No. 45, with Marks and Spencer occupying No. 47 (and presumably 49).  This photograph must therefore date from some time before 1927.

HHT&N 839

Donor : Douglas Ferriday

Part of the "HLS" collection


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