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Mayors Sunday

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The parade along Victoria Road for the Mayor's Sunday.The photograph has been taken from a window of the Grand Hotel showing opposite to the left far side Gray Peverell's shop next to which is a small cafe and creamery owned by Mr. W. A. Harrison. The houses further along were mainly business premises e.g. coal merchants, upholsterers,dentists,photographers.This section was built in three stages which later became Binns Department Store and was the reason Binns building was made in three different types of architecture. The Tramcar in the parade was number 10 and new in 1897. Police in uniform can be seen leading the parade followed by the Mayor and other officials. c 1913.

HHT+N 11

Date (of image) : 1913

Donor : Douglas Ferriday

Part of the "Hartlepool Library Service" collection


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