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Mollie Keenan (3)

What we know about this image :

On April 7th, 1941, Mary Irene (Mollie) Keenan married Stan Warwick at St. Joseph's Church. Mollie met Stan at Catterick through an introduction from a friend.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Teresa (Teri) Gales (cousin of the bride)
  2. Mrs. Warwick (Groom's mother)
  3. Mary Gales (Teri's sister)
  4. Stan Warwick
  5. Mollie Keenan
  6. Lilian Keenan (Mollie's mother)
  7. George Keenan (Mollie's father)
  8. David Watson

Date (of image) : 1941

Donor : Mr. John Watson


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