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Retirement Presentation

What we know about this image :

This slightly damaged photograph is taken from Mrs. Sheila Nicolson's family album, of a retirement presentation at the South Durham Steel & Iron Company Limited, probably around 1950.  It is signed on the back "With the compliments of The Works Trade Union Committee - Wm Sirs".

"From the left is William (Bill) Sirs, Trades Union Representative, who eventually went on to be General Secretary of the Iron & Steel Trades Confederation (ISTC).  Fourth left shaking hands is T. J. Williams who was Managing Director of the South Durham Steel & Iron Company. Fifth from the right is my grandfather Archibald (Archie) Dickson who was born in 1884."

Date (of image) : 1950

Donor : Mrs. Sheila Nicolson

Creator : Northern Daily Mail


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