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Snowdon Range

What we know about this image :

The large picture above is the results of six weeks of bufferting by hurricanes, damage on board the "Snowdon Range" showing the broken wheel.

The smaller picture shows the chief hero of the "Snowdon Range" Captain Dickinson whose fine seamnship saved the vessel.

On arrival at Queenstown, (Cobh) the "Snowdon Range" bore obvious signs of the terrible bufferting she had experienced. The rudder was gone, the wheel was broken, the boats were shattered or lost and the rails and ironworks were twisted into all kinds of shapes. While she was finally brought into port, all the sirens blew a welcome, and the people onshore cheared the Captain and crew.

Captain Dickinson received a telegraph from Mr. Stephen Furness, M.P Chairman of Furness, Withy & Co, owners of the "Snowdon Range" saying " We are ...very proud of you all and all members of the crew."

Also, a telegram of congratulations from Sir. Walter Runciman. Captain Dickinson comes from Sunderland.


Donor : John Considine


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