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1902 - Empress Rovers

What we know about this image :

A post card from the Robert Wood collection showing the existence of another Junior club, Empress Rovers, who took part in quite a Cup Saga to reach the Final of the Junior Cup.

Disputes between clubs were common at this time as happened during the 1901/1902 season the Empress’s Durham Junior Cup run; when they drew New Stranton Celtic, with the first meeting being abandoned due to poor light, 20 minutes early. The replay saw Empress home by 16-9, however Celtic protested and the game was ordered to be replayed.  Empress failed to show for this new date but at the 4th attempt Empress came out on top by 3 – 0. Empress Rovers then went on to eventually win the County Cup defeating Hetton Old Boys at Hollow Drift in Durham City by 6 pts to 3.

Their name, besides reminding us of the Queen Empress of those times, Victoria, appears to have come from the Empress theatre better known as the Palladium in later years, which had changed its name to the Empress in 1899 and was near the Cleveland Hotel.   The building still stands at the corner of Brig Open and Northgate though nowadays it is converted to flats, there was also an Empress Hotel in Durham Street, Like so many of the Junior clubs of this era, they do not appear to have lasted long, the name next appears a few seasons later when a team of that name was playing Soccer.  The name also briefly appears at the end of the 1880s when another Empress Rovers was playing Rugby in the area!

Date (of image) : 30/4/1900

Donor : Hartlepool Museums Service

Creator : Mason, High Street, Hartlepool

Part of the "Robert Wood Collection" collection


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