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1952 - Hartlepool Rovers Cricket Team

What we know about this image :

Taken at Castle Eden probably before 1956, this picture shows the cricket team that was started by Mr. G.E.Coulson after his retirement from serious League cricket and which was a notable institution in the 1950s. Fixtures were arranged with School staffs and lesser teams of local clubs. Fixtures on evenings or Saturdays took place with Blackhall, Park Drive, Castle Eden, Greatham (Cerebos), Wynyard, Barnard Castle, Richmond and Helmsley.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. F.E.Wilson,

  2. W. L Mowbray,

  3. G.E.Coulson,

  4. J.Herron,

  5. G.Sutton,

  6. G. Herron.

Row 2

  1. H. Wagget,

  2. T.Slee,

  3. H.Hicks,

  4. A.D.Jackson,

  5. Capt “Tiny” Wilbur,

  6. W.Dormand,

  7. F. Nicholson



Date (of image) : 1/6/1952

Donor : Wilf Woodward

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "Wilf Woodward" collection


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