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1980 - Hartlepool Athletic v Seaton Carew (1)

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It is not uncommon during the depths of mid-winter for Hartlepool to be the only place in the North East where Rugby takes place.  One such occasion was on Feb 2 in 1980 when the only game to take place was a derby between Athletic and Seaton on KGV, with Seaton running out winners by 7 – 4. The season was proving to be the best for Seaton since they moved to the then Petrus (now Hornby) Park in 1974, The image of the Seaton Carew XV is on their Venue on this website.


Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. D.Lahney,

  2. B. Pugh,

  3. R.Palmer,

  4. B.McMurdo,

  5. I. Moon,

  6. I.Grieve,

  7. G.Scott,

  8. G.Robinson.

Row 2

  1. S.Monaghan,

  2. B.Trippett,

  3. S.Lucas,

  4. J.G.Dove (Captain),

  5. P.Lilley,

  6. M.Boagey,

  7. B.Noble



Date (of image) : 2/2/1980

Donor : Chris McLoughlin

Creator : Mail Hartlepool

Part of the "Junior Rugby Scene" collection


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