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1996 - West Hartlepool TDSOB

What we know about this image :

The Tech XV in the mid 1990s

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. A Boagey,
  2. J Dove,
  3. K Cook,
  4. M Baggs,
  5. N Parker,
  6. P Garbutt,
  7. G Buglass,
  8. J Painter
  9. G Evans
  10. S Adamson.

Row 2

B Baggs,

K. Lloyd,

C Turnbull,

M Parker,

C. Butcher,

C Knight,

G. Southern

T Sawyer.



Date (of image) : 1/9/1995

Donor : Hartlepool Museums Service

Creator : Mail Hartlepool

Part of the "Hartlepool Museums Service" collection


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