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1947 - Hartlepool Rovers v R.F.Oakes' XV (International)

What we know about this image :

Another pic of a Greyhound Stadium Oakes Games while Rovers were re-establishing themselves on a new ground at Low Warren.

As was the pattern in those days, proceeds from the game went to the Cameron Hospital and Hartlepools Hospital.

Entertainment was provided by the Old Operatic Bamd.

Teams on the day were

Rovers R. Lloyd,  I. Pinkney. A E Agar, S. King, J. Bantoft, JJ. Robertson, H. Boagey, P.Watson, D. Toes, R.Pendlington, C. Walker, W. Guerin, D.P.Sheedy, G. Bulley, G. Markwell.

The Oakes XV comprised, S.C.Newman, England, D.Swarbrick, England, C. Andrews Scottish Trials, C. Bruce (Capt) , J. Innes, both Scotland. Nim Hall and I. Newton-Thompson H Walker, A. Henderson,, G. Gibbs, All England, I. Henderson, Scotland, V. Perry, M Steel-Bodger or V. Roberts both England, W. Elliott, Scotland and D White England.

At the time of posting this item Feby 2018, Harry Walker of Coventry has just celebrated his 103rd birthday and is the oldest surviving England player. Mickey Steel-Bodger is Chairman of the Baa Baas whilst David Swarbrick still attends England matches regularly

Date (of image) : 30/4/1947

Donor : Chris & Sue Williams

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "Chris & Sue Williams" collection


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