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1969 - Hartlepool Rovers v The Co-optimists

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The Oakes XV for the 1969 celebration match saw the return of the Scottish “Co-Optimists” to the New Friarage.

Formed in 1924 (and named after a popular Variety Revue of the period) the club retains its invite only status and turns out sides today for games against Clubs in the Borders. Their popularity rests on their commitment to playing open rugby, a hall mark of the sides since their foundation.

For the record this game went to the Co-optimists by 31 to 16.

On the day the following players turn out : -


J Clayton, R Impett, A Cheshire, J Robson, J Whittingham, D Robertson, W Archbold, K Winn, J Bousfield, J Seymour, J Wakefield, W Puckrin, G Buttle, I Macrae, B Eccles


M Cullen (Edinburgh Wanderers), A Hinshelwood (London Scottish and Scotland), K Flynn (Wanderers and Ireland), J Brownlee (West Hartlepool), K Kelly (Wanderers and Ireland Trials), M Weston((Durham City and England), R Allen(Hutchison GSFP and Scotland), I McLaughlin (Jordanhill TC and Scotland), B Grieve(Durham University), W Henderson (Watsonians), G Brown (West of Scotland and Scotland), K Baggs ( West Hartlepool), D Steven (Edinburgh Wanderers), A Boyle (London Scottish and Scotland), J Cochrane(London Scottish)

Date (of image) : 1/4/1969

Donor : John Wakefield

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "John Wakefield" collection


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