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1882 - Hartlepool Rovers

What we know about this image :

The first Rovers team, the picture taken at the Friarage Field, previously they had been known as Hartlepool Albion and Hartlepool Juniors for a season each following their inception in 1879.

No mistaking the club as the name is emblazoned on their jerseys, it must have been fashion of the time, as an image of Hartlepool YMCA from 1887 on this site, show them also with the club name on display.

Two member of the team are named Mosey, E A Mosey of 7 Regent Square was Hon Sec of the Club in the mid-80s.


Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. M. Brewster,

  2. S. Mosey,

  3. J. Webb,

  4. R. Marshall,

  5. W.L.Oakes,

  6. F.C.Harrold,

  7. J.W.Carter,

  8. J.J.Lister,

  9. J. Brewster (all forwards).

Row 2

  1. F. Mosey and W.H.Towers (halfbacks),

  2. F.W.Hunter (Captain and three-quarter),

  3. H.O.Hoy, three-quarter,

  4. T.B.Rooke Back,

  5. G. Smith three-quarter.



Date (of image) : 1882

Donor : Wilf Woodward

Creator : Yeoman & Co.,West Hartlepool

Part of the "Wilf Woodward" collection


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