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1966 - Hartlepool Rovers v Royal Air Force

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To round off the 1965/ 1966 season Hartlepool Rovers played the Royal Air Force which made up the R.F.Oakes XV with the visitors coming on top by 8pts to 5pts.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. W.C.C. Steele,

  2. L. Samuel,

  3. E.B. Matthews,

  4. J.B. Wakefield,

  5. E.J.M. Thomas,

  6. S. Hutton,

  7. R. Ingram,

  8. J.B. Johnson,

  9. I.J. Parsons,

  10. J.W. Clayton.

Row 2

  1. W. Hewitt,

  2. H.T. Bowen,

  3. G. Head,

  4. J.K. Robson,

  5. A.C. Thomas,

  6. J.W. Whittingham,

  7. P. Larter,

  8. I. MacRae,

  9. M.J.C. Marson,

  10. H. Fraser,                   

  11. M.G.D. Wilkinson,

  12. W. Swetman,

  13. G. Strange,

  14. H. Smith.

Row 3

1.S. Ainsley,

W. Woodward,

A. Jones,

J.F. Bousefield,

J.V. McCarthy,

P.O. Fitzgerald,

Dr. P. Davies,

Sir S. Cross,

R.A. Caswell,

E.J. Black,

J.A.W. Baker,

R. Hill,

J.M. Dee,

R. Stevenson,

K.J. Winn.

Date (of image) : 23/4/1966

Donor : Hartlepool Museums Service

Creator : Hartlepool Mail

Part of the "Hartlepool Museums Service" collection


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