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1986 - West Hartlepool TDSOB - Opening of the Clubhouse

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In the best Rugby tradition, TDSOB had spent over 30 years since their inception in 1953 enjoying a nomadic off the field existence although they have always played on Grayfields pitches and had use of the Pavilion for changing.

For training, administration and social purposes they had had the use of Brinkburn for training, most Hotels for their social needs and a variety of pubs for meetings etc. from the Shades Hotel, the Chester, the Catcote, the Constitutional Club,Sieman's Club,   the Woodcutter and of course the Nursery Inn in Hart Lane for Saturday post match meet ups.

They ceased their wanderings in 1986 when with a huge input from members they built their own clubhouse changing facilities which was opened in 1986 and marked with a County Junior Clubs XV tunring out against the Club 1st Xv.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. I Brown,

  2. G. Miller,

  3. D Turns (Seaham),

  4. G. Speechley,

  5. G.Doran (Bishop Auckland),

  6. K.Cook,

  7. W. Bond (Bishop Auckland),

  8. C. Ellis,

  9. I. Bell (Bishop Auckland),

  10. N.Milburn,

  11. G. Pettit (Newton Aycliffe),

  12. D. Watson (Darlington R.A.),

  13. P. Blewitt (Darlington R.A.),

  14. C. Tunney, 

  15. L.C. Thomson (Durham Referees Society).

Row 2

  1. J. Doyle, (Durham Referees Society),

  2. J.G.Dove,

  3. J. Pearson (Durham Referees Society),

  4. G.Milnes, (Chester le Street),

  5. K.McClelland,

  6. S. Armstrong,

  7. G. Patterson (Barnard Castle),

  8. P. Dinsdale (Darlington R.A.),

  9. L. Hardman,

  10. S. Barter,

  11. A. Ferguson,

  12. K. Parkes (Seaton Carew),

  13. P. Kelsall (Barnard Castle),

  14. S.Gibson D. Burns,

  15. C. Robinson (Jarrovians),

  16. T.Lightfoot,

  17. D. Stoddart,

  18. P. Cornforth (Hartlepool BBOB),

  19. M. Gorman (Washington),

  20. I. Madden,

  21. W. Hume (Chester le Street),

  22. P. Hurst (Chester le Street),

  23. B. Measor.

Row 3

  1. P. Todd Captain TDSOB,
  2. K. Large,
  3. D. Sweeting,
  4. J.S.Howard,
  5. D. Bramley,
  6. T.Waites,
  7. M. Harte (Captain Junior Clubs XV & Jarrovians

Date (of image) : 1986

Donor : TDSOB Rugby

Creator : John Dove

Part of the "TDSOB Rugby" collection


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