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2014 - West Hartlepool TDSOB - The Phoenix rises.

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With a decline in playing membership, TDSOB ceased playing Rugby in 2009 but did not cease in their support for Rugby Football. They let their ground and facilities be used by other Rugby Clubs and Durham County RFU for a large variety of Representative games especially Age Grade Rugby involving young players, Cup Finals at every level and involved other sports to make use of the facilties.

Perseverance paid and they resumed playing again On September 5TH 2014 in the Tees Valley Leagues with a win over Thirsk and returned to the National League Structure in 2015 operating in Durham & Northumberland Division 3.

Like the mythical creature, the team arose from the ashes of the previous years and are generally referred to now as the “Phoenix”!




Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. J. Maslen,

  2. Kevin COOK,

  3. Dan COOPER,

  4. W. Wild,

  5. Paul DOVE,

  6. Mick INGHAM,

  7. Martyn HOWARD,

  8. Jordan READ,

  9. Michael FOSTER,

  10. Kieran WATSON,

  11. S. Safim.

  12. Aaron KEMP

Row 2

  1. Alex THOMPSON,

  2. Paul MOSS,

  3. Phil BUTLER,

  4. Kieran SANDERSON,

  5. Andy PALMER,

  6. Marcus LLOYD,

  7. Peter  HUNTER,

  8. Peter CONSIDINE,

  9. Ben CUMMINGS,

  10. Anthony LAWRENCE,

  11. Andrew TWEDDLE.




Date (of image) : 6/9/2014

Donor : TDSOB Rugby

Creator : John Dove

Part of the "TDSOB Rugby" collection


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