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1998 - West Hartlepool TDSOB - Senior Cup Runners Up

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The County Senior Cup had been dominated locally since its start by either Hartlepool Rovers or West Hartlepool with the only change to that being 1890 when Hartlepool Rangers, who played near the Trams Sheds at Greenland,  were runners up against Rovers.

The mid 1990s were to see the first major changes to the Competition for in 1995 the Game of Rugby went “open” and the old “amateur” system was consigned to history and since that date local appearances in the Competition have been few but the Competition continues as always.

However, two other Hartlepool District sides have made it to the Final, firstly Horden in 1995 losing to Stockton by 19 – 0 and then in 1998, TDSOB played Darlington Mowden Park on the New Friarage and went down 27 – 10.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Keith BAGGS,

  2. Tom WAITES,

  3. Peter ROBINSON,

  4. Steve GRAY,

  5. Andrew CAMPBELL,

  6. Gary BUGLASS,

  7. Andrew BOAGEY,

  8. Anthony CAMERON,

  9. Kevin COOK,

  10. Nick PARKER,

  11. Chris WARD,

  12. Graham SOUTHERN,

  13. Andrew DIXON,

  14. Robin JACOBS,

  15. Paddy TODD,

  16. John COURTLEY,

  17. Dave BRAMLEY,

  18. Derek SWEETING,

  19. Ray GRAYSON

Row 2

  1. : Andy PALMER,

  2. Tom BARFF,

  3. Brendan BAGGS,

  4. Michael PARKER, John G Dove,

  5. Kevin LLOYD,

  6. Glynn EVANS,

  7. Michael SIDDLE,

  8. Ian WILSON

  9. Mascot Zac SOUTHERN

Row 3

Date (of image) : 30/4/1998

Donor : TDSOB Rugby

Creator : John Dove

Part of the "TDSOB Rugby" collection


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