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2003 - The Rugby World Cup comes to Hartlepool Rovers

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As part of the Celebrations of the great day when England won the World Cup in 2003, (Martin Johnson Captain, Jonny Wilkinson, drop goal to seal the win in extra time), the Webb Ellis Trophy was paraded around the country for all to see and be photographed alongside.

 Durham Referees took their chance when the Cup was brought to Hartlepool Rovers that year and our picture shows a Group of County Referees taking their chance to line up with the Cup.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Jim Fox,
  2. Paul Finken,
  3. Malcolm Shorney,
  4. Brian Watt,
  5. Dave Sawyer
  6. Peter Ashman.

Row 2

Row 3

Date (of image) : 2003

Donor : Hartlepool & District RFU

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "Chris McLoughlin" collection


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